About Kim Perrotta

Kim PerrottaKim holds a Master’s degree in Health Science and has 30 years of experience conducting research, analyzing policies, managing projects, and translating knowledge on  issues related to health and the built, physical and occupational environment.   

She has worked directly or indirectly for the public health/municipal sectors for the last 20 years.  She has produced over 50 reports for Boards of Health/Council Committees and more than 25 background or policy reports including:

Kim worked as a Senior Advisor with Halton Region Health Department from 2006 to 2009, where she was responsible for bringing health considerations such as air quality and physical activity into the land use and transportation planning processes in the Region. During her term with Halton, she directed and supervised a small team of specialists who were reviewing planning documents from a health perspective, prepared and directed the preparation of health-based background and policy papers for the Region’s Official Plan Amendment process, and established an airshed modelling and air monitoring program designed to inform land use and transportation planning decisions.

In 2010 and 2011, Kim secured funding from the Ministry of Health Promotion, interviewed over 70 public health staff in 10 public health units in Ontario, and prepared the 230-page report, Public Health and Land Use Planning: How Ten Public Health Units are Working to Create Healthy and Sustainable Communities  as a capacity building tool for the public health sector.  

In 2013 and 2014, Kim was contracted by the Heart and Stroke Foundation to co-manage the Healthy Canada by Design CLASP Initiative as the Knowledge Translation & Communications Lead.  During that time, she provided strategic and communications support to the 13 funded project teams, and organized and facilitated peer to peer sessions, national webinars, conference panels and face to face meetings for the 50 members and 19 partners involved with the Initiative. She also managed and edited the HCBD website, prepared monthly articles for the website, coordinated and edited six case study reports, and coordinated the completion of the Journal of Canadian Public Health Supplement dedicated to HCBD projects.  

Kim founded the non-profit organization, Creating Healthy and Sustainable Environments (CHASE), in 2011 to promote research, policies and practices that can be used to create healthy, sustainable and equitable communities among public health, planning and transportation professionals.  She manages and edits the CHASE website and Twitter account on a voluntary basis. 

Kim can be contacted at kim.perrotta@cogeco.ca.  

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